It’s Easy & Smart to have your policies in Print!

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Every liquor licensee needs to have guidelines in print to protect Your business!

Here are a few types:

Policy on Alcohol Server Training

(Do you require your staff to be certified?)

Policy on I.D. Checking

(Is your staff informed on what is required by law?)

Policy on Last Call

(Do you have a policy in place?)

Policy on Non-Alcohol Beverages

(Who should not be served this beverage?)

Policy on Standard Serving Practices

(Are we all practicing the same safe serving standards?)

Policy on Termination of Alcohol Service

(What should we do if we have to terminate the service of alcohol?)

Policy on Facility Rental Agreements

(What you may want to include in your agreement)

Incident Log

(It’s an important form to have to protect your business!)

A note to management: Your employees are eager to do a good job and comply with your requirements. But even the most dedicated employee cannot comply with your policies if you don’t tell them what they are.

The best way to assure that your policies are understood and implemented is to put them in writing and graciously accept any question or suggestions that your employees may have regarding the policies.

S.T.O.P. offers a policy packet to fit your needs for a small fee of only $35.00.


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