Everyone who sells or serves alcoholic beverages needs Server Training!  Give us a call to find out how our experienced Server Trainers can help you!


This includes everyone in:

* Bars     * Taverns     * Pubs    * Clubs    * Restaurants    * Hotels

* Inns    * Package Stores    * Casinos    * Civic Centers    * Country Clubs

* Catered Events    * Private Parties    * ID Checkers    * Valet Parkers


Outline of the S.T.O.P. Program:

Upon successful completion of the S.T.O.P. Training Workshop, you and your employees will know:

How to Check ID’s

How to use the underage book

How to comply with the laws that govern alcohol service

How to recognize the real effects of alcohol

How to identify potentially troublesome drinkers

How to avoid difficult situations before they become a problem

How to prepare for and enlist police involvement when necessary

We are licensed alcohol server trainers.

We are a professional service dedicated to serve and inform you.

We know and understand the liquor business.

We emphasize local state laws, rules and regulations.

Our company founder has served on many local and national liquor boards.

We provide information on:

Sting operations, how they work, and what to look for.

How to comply with the laws that govern alcohol service

Steps to prevent intoxication

No extra charge for an instructor to come to your business – there are no hidden costs


The security of your liquor license depends upon it!

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